How to Perform the Healing Practice of the Mother’s Heritage

If you pause for a moment to look back into your life and the life of your mother, as well as back into the histories of the women around you, you will see each woman’s foremother. All foremothers are the mothers of the mothers of our mothers.

There you will find your mom, your grandma, your grand-grandma, and her own grandma.

You will find all women who are at the same time mothers, daughters and grandmothers, standing in that straight bloodline, years and even centuries behind that very moment. The motherline goes all the way down to the primordial conception. This is not always easy to visualize, but, as a woman, you are most likely able to feel it deep down in your bones.

If you call all women from your bloodline to join this moment in time and space that we share now, inviting them one by one, all the way to the last moment in time of your remembrance or, as long as you remember their names, you will be able to understand the meaning of the mother’s heritage until the very first moment of origin born by the Mother of All – Mother Earth.

Often, when women truly feel this presence of the past women in their bloodline, they start crying. They become conscious of the deep sorrow and the strong anger accumulated from generations behind. It is not at all a breeze to reach this point of consciousness.

You have to get to the deepest core of your being to understand what it means to be a woman and reach to the depth of the Earth’s essence where all life has been brought into existence.

If you start thinking in this way, just like many other women you will start sobbing. Each tear can help you heal the pain accumulated from eons behind.

That pain is not always yours. If you are doing this, don’t think that you are alone.

Whenever you are overwhelmed with emotion, invite your foremothers into the present moment. You don’t need to know their names.

Just invite all female ancestors to share their presence with you. If you ask them to come nicely, they will come ready and set to heal you.

Small drops of their blood still run through your heart and your veins. And maybe, the first healing step for you will be to cry out all tears that your grandma or your grand-grandma didn’t manage to shed in their lifetime.

Shedding the tears of the unfulfilled lives of our foremothers puts off the burden of the mother’s heritage from our back. When we are free from these tears and we stop carrying them on our back, we can develop the skills and the talents that we have.

Since you are already here, reading these lines, you have enough love in your life to dissolve all trauma blockages inherited unconsciously from your line of foremothers.

Imagine that your female ancestors send you a blessing and that you jointly celebrate the healing taking place at this very moment.

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