How to Bring Back and Nurture Your Natural Intuitive Tracker

Apart from possessing the power to orchestrate your attention and language abilities and to demonstrate fearful and pleasant reactions, as well as care for visual imagination, your cerebellum is also the seat of your intuition.

The cerebellum or the “little brain” is the place to receive intuitive impressions which get directed to the frontal part of the brain. The impressions break into awareness in the frontal area where the vague and undefined feelings grow into notions, meanings and words.

Your “Little Brain” Conspires to Keep You on Track

Intuition is a mix of all other senses combined into one. By exercising each of the other senses, we manage to build up a new, more powerful intuitive sense.

The indigenous tribal male members are true experts for this intuitive openness. These are the men that track animals and get visual impressions about the animals even before seeing it. For these people, intuition is the food and a way for connecting to the Mother Earth.

While tracking animals, they receive a large number of information bits from the environment. They accumulate voices of winds, birds and other animals. They collect visual imprints from the color and the humidity of the soil, follow the freshness of the trace itself, and breathe the smell of air, earth and plants.

The intuitive trail trackers approach animals using the personal sympathetic body movements. Movements show up as a result of the sensations during the observation of the footprints in the trails.

They are accustomed to the animal spirit living in each and every one of us and experienced enough to follow its signs.

Animals can sense nature changes long before we can do it on our own. With time, by becoming “civilized”, we have forgotten to nurture this animalistic spiritual ability. Some indigenous tribes which are aware of the animals within us know this fact well and, when they catch an animal, they do something that makes our stomachs turn: they collectively drink its blood.

Intuitive Tracking
Photo by Maurizio Costanzo – mavik2007 on / CC BY

Foster Intuition to Connect with Nature

By all means, we don’t want to use the intuitive trail tracking to drink animal blood. But, maintaining the link with nature in this way is important, particularly for men.

The intuition packed in the “little brain” is a portal to the higher state of awareness so that the tracker can synthesize knowledge and make connections between seemingly unrelated data. In a way, this is just a natural process which can help you during everyday decision-making.

The kinesthetic learning via bodily memory and the repetition of the already observed animal movements from the environment contains an art of perception that can serve us as an appealing doorway to connecting with nature.

Intuition: More than the Voice of Internal Instincts

Intuition is internal listening. Its use is similar to the practice of trail tracking. Although we can’t see the animal, the surroundings send us various warning signs about its presence. By carefully nurturing these signs, we develop an energetic connection to the animal, finally being able to get closer to it.

For the skeptics who don’t believe that energy can be sensed without immediate physical touch, try closing your eyes and asking a close person to bring the palms of their hands to one of your body parts while you keep your eyes closed.

Try guessing where they hold their hands. The closer the palms are, the easier it is to feel their closeness. When the intuition is regularly honed and the senses get more experienced and sharper, this energy can be felt from afar.

Though this is a natural, instinctive process, we are rarely encouraged to develop our tracking abilities as children. Our educational system has a strong focus on developing mental abilities with a tendency to leave out internal listening and intuitive knowledge.

When we are getting used to expecting the absolute wisdom from an external authority, little fears, single unpleasant events, and some physical pain can be enough to abandon our personal instincts and intrinsic wisdom.

This tradition reflects in today’s absence of men. This is not about physical absence, but about absence from the space of awareness. They have almost completely forgotten about this masculine aspect of intuition – trail tracking.

How to Feed Your Intuition

Intuition is fed by the feelings of peace, rest, pausing, flow, sufficiency and silence.

It is lost from feelings of rush, ambition, control and violent obstacle removal. In the language of Tao polarities, the intuition is a feminine quality.

That doesn’t mean that women have an exclusive right to intuition. Women, in general, have better contact with their body as a whole and they have not forgotten to nurture intuition the way men have because of the socially imposed role to bury emotions.

A rare place where men can relate to their neglected feminine energy and intuition is the sexual experience.

Since men turn off this part within themselves, the easiest way to get it back is from sexual contact with women.

This narrative is a different interpretation of the good-old (or the “bad-old”) assumption about men: that they want “only sex.”

Whoever was the originator or the wordsmith of this shallow assumption, they have done us a great disservice by painting a story of sex cut off from nature.

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