“The treadmill it is!”, confidently affirmed Isaac. 

“Hey Shark, Friday seems like the best day to test our experiment, right?”

“That’s right, Isaac. After work, post-exercise, and pre-night-out sounds like the perfect plan”, Shark didn’t have anything against what seemed like the obvious solution. 

“Daniel spends most of his Friday nights at the “Demure”. We will have plenty of chances to soften him. A whole army of Daniel’s ex-girlfriends comes to the nightclub. They are regulars. Polly, Amber, Gwyn, and Jess are all going there, at least twice a month. And now there is Charlene, Daniel’s work colleague and rival”, thought Isaac.

“I’ve heard the gossip at the outskirts, dude, I know my stuff!”, replied Shark.

A Basset Named Isaac - Chapter 5 - party girls
Image by Анастасия Гепп from Pixabay

Daniel, Isaac’s unwelcoming host had a sort of a love-hate relationship with his colleague.

When they were on the same page with Charlene, projects went forward superbly and they scored the highest accolades on their team. 

However, things were not as smooth-running when their opinions clashed.

On two occasions, Charlene was almost fired only because she went her own way with a project. Then again, when client negotiations turned awry, Charlene has saved Daniel’s stubborn ass more than once. 

“How the heck do you find out bout these things, Shark? You’re the chief gossipmonger in the neighborhood! Well, I guess that’s your talent and that’s why you are on this team! Marshall knows what he’s doing. I trust him. I hope he doesn’t fail this time”! , Isaac teased his bestie.

“Hehe“!, shrewdly ruffed Shark.

“I have my own sources, dog! The word has spread that these two are number one buttheads!” he said as they crafted their plan for Daniel and Charlene’s inhabitation the impending Friday night. 

A Basset Named Isaac - Chapter 5 - corgi Shark
Image by Michel van der Vegt from Pixabay

“She reminds me of Pixie, that Charlene girl. They lack the same level-headedness! We really need to make this plan strong, Isaac! We can let things get out of hand if most of their gang is out there”, Shark’s usual levels of confidence have dampened as they went through their actions step by step, analyzing them carefully. 

“Are you sure you can do this?”, he asked Isaac. 

His friend, on the other hand, grew in courage and self-assurance. A tiny smile widened under Isaac’s teeth as he was contemplating a knockout plan. 

“For this to work, we will have to do something we’ve never done before. We will need to ask Pixie for help”, mused Isaac. 

“And if we get her help, I am sure that our plan will work!” 

But completing the plan with success was the least of Isaac’s problems right now.

He had to get Shark on board with his new mastermind plan.

Then, they had to convince Marshall. 

Isaac knew how hesitant was their mentor when they needed to meddle with the outers.

A Basset Named Isaac - Chapter 5 - Marshall, the mentor
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

“In the dog’s world, the territory is sacred. We don’t just trespass other dog’s boundaries without having a true need. We don’t just walk all over other dogs. We make sure we must ask for a share of their space and get into conflict only when necessary”, explained Marshall. 

“And most of the time, we don’t. We respect each other’s boundaries. Now that is a skill people need to learn more about! Especially Daniel. And Charlene. They could really use some stern lessons in respecting other people’s space”, said Marshall. 

“But we have to do it in our gentle way. And I’m not sure going over to the outers is the smartest thing to do in such a challenge. Nevermind. I’m ready to hear you out. What do you have in mind?”, Marshall sat next to Isaac, as they were watching over the boundary of the outers’ territory.

The Monday sun slowly set down over the western horizon, as Isaac began elaborating his unusual, inventive plan. 

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