“Are you out of your mind?!” Shark couldn’t believe what his friend was suggesting. 

“My mind is a heated debate point lately. Everyone seems to wonder if I’ve lost it. Am I out of my mind? Not at all.” thought Isaac. 

“I’m quite in it, actually” he tried to calm his friend. He never felt more excited and anxious as he was explaining his concept for turning Daniel’s world upside down to Shark. 

“Relax, dog,” Isaac tried to instill a bit of his newly founded confidence about his ingenious method to Shark. “I know it’s weird. But that’s precisely why it will work.”

“Unheard of. Stupid, Ridiculous. Ha-ha. Foolish. Dumb. Shortsighted. The more I think about it, the less angry I get. It’s so nonsensical, that I’m starting to think of it as a huge joke. Unheard of. Unheard of!”, Shark repeated in a futile attempt to bring Isaac back to his senses. 

“Did I mention it’s dangerous and that it could boomerang to destroy all the effort we’ve invested in the last couple of years under Marshall’s apprenticeship”? barked Shark with an open mouth, half-wittingly, and half-scared. He couldn’t wrap his head around Isaac’s gullible plan.

“Ask Pixie for help? You’ve lost it, my friend! This challenge has gotten to your head. You are blabbering nonsense. Did Marshall approve your idea? Say what? He did?”

Sad Shark, a basset named Isaac, chapter 6
Image by Amit Karkare from Pixabay

“There it is! This is one huge mistake. I can’t believe what I’m hearing! And from both you and Marshall! From two of the most grounded people I’ve met in my life!” Shark’s old wounds started to split open as his old trauma of distrust started to cripple back in his newly-found life, one that he tried so hard to build on a sturdy base with devoted companions who never left his side.

But now, the fragile shell cracked through as memories flooded back to remind him of a painful past he was trying to forget.

* * *

Shark had a hard time trusting dogs. And people, too. Maybe even more so.

“People can be cruel. Flickering. Downright backstabbers”! he thought as he recalled his previous domesticated life. 

Those were the days. In the three years Shark spent with Matias, his owner, he was the happiest dog in the world. 

Sometimes, as he was falling asleep in the city at night, he dreamt of his old life. Woken by the sudden onslaught of wonderful memories, he often thought that that the life on the farm never existed. 

“Did I just made that up to soften the hard-hit of this urban existence?”Shark asked himself as he remembered the happy events on Matias’s farm. 

He was the only dog on the farm, but he never missed those of his kind. There was plenty to do and other animals to hang around with, play with, and keep an eye on. Matias spent a lot of his time around the farm and the fields, taking care of the crops and Shark was allowed to follow him wherever he worked. 

A Basset Named Isaac- Chapter 5, Squeal and Yelp
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

When Matias wasn’t with him, Shark wasn’t lonely. Not at all. He played with his best friends, Squeal and Yelp. Squeal and Yelp were two of the friendliest and dirtiest pigs you’ve ever seen. Matias didn’t name them, but Shark knew better to call them just as they sounded when snooping around the farm and in the mud. It was an unlikely friendship. Squeal and Yelp were often too lazy to wander around the farm and the surrounding land, keeping it safe close to the house. Shark, on the other hand, enjoyed long walks, And that’s what he loved coming along with Matias and the other animals. 

“How come pigs and dogs can become such friends”? pondered Matias as he was watching the unlikely bunch hanging out together. Yet the friendship flourished. The threesome enjoyed making a mess in the mud while Matias was busy with his city errands. Those city trips were a rare moment when Shark was on his own, not following his routine trajectory alongside Matias and whatever he was doing.

Shark loved Matias. It was his dream life. 

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