Matias wasn’t happy to find Squeal, Yelp, and Shark all sloppy and covered in mud. But he was pleased that he could leave the corgi alone with the pigs without finding its sharp teeth in the pigs’ necks. 

As he would keep murmuring his usual set of warnings under his beard, he would turn his back and leave the pigs roaming free, while Shark was given his regular after-mud bath. 

As much as Shark loved coating himself in layers of mud, he hated getting into the bathtub. 

But, boy, oh, how he loved getting under the hairdryer! 

When Matias found him and adopted him as a tiny baby, he gave him his first bath. The hair-dryer was a huge, loud, and scary machine. 

Shark’s hearing was excellent, more powerful than the average dog’s. 

“I’ve never met a dog like yourself, Shark!”, Matias would say to his face, rubbing the corgi’s ears with the polka-dot towel he regularly used to dry out the dog after his baths. 

“You can hear as far as Mr. Samuelson’s farm. I wonder if you can tell whether he is the one who sells his farming  advice for too much money to the other county”? whispered Matias as he dried out his canine friend out, preparing him for his evening feast. 

As a puppy, Shark would start howling as he would finish the rubbing. He knew what awaited at the end of the nice towel massage –  that big and scary hair-dryer. 

As he tried to wiggle out from his owner’s hands, Matias would start laughing and held onto him tight. 

“I know, tiny one! I get it. It’s a terrible noise, I agree. I don’t like putting my hair under that thing, either! But you have to be nice and dry. I can’t let you pick up more dirt before you go to bed. Gosh, you must think you are of the same kind with your pig buddies by now!”, he would shake his head disapprovingly as little Shark gave up and let the hairdryer blow through his fur. 

Later, when Shark started realizing that the hairdryer would give space to the soft brush, he was more willing to bear the deafening torture. That soft brush was amazing, one of the best things Shark experienced in his puppy life. 

As much as he hated the hair-dryer, he loved the gentle massage afterward. It took just half a minute for his eyelids to swell down under the weight of the fluffy brushing. And he would almost always fall asleep but only slept until the moment when he would recall that he still didn’t have his dinner. 

His instincts would wake him up in an instant. He would open his eyes in less than half-a- second, rushing to the hallway next to the kitchen. This spot was his special diner, his one and only feeding territory for which Matias relentlessly took care of, cleaning it and filling it out with a new portion mornings and evenings. 

Shark couldn’t quite figure out why Matias was bothering with cleaning the bowls and sweeping the floor underneath after each meal. As far as he was concerned, he wouldn’t mind using the same bowl!

As he grew up, he learned that all humans had this weird habit to clean after themselves as they finished eating. He grew accepting of these weird routines – after all, they didn’t bother him in any way. Why would he mind? As long as humans were fine with that, he didn’t mind as well. 

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