On his way to adulthood Shark often wondered why humans went worried, concerned, even downright angry with things that didn’t affect them personally, especially other people’s business. 

However, as his destiny turned a sour turn and he ended up in the city, Shark started learning what it means to leave a gang. 

He was no longer the boss of his own farm. He was no longer the only dog taken well care of by a generous human on a warm, fun, and spacious farm. 

He had to adapt, fight for food,  make his own friends, and stay away from enemies. 

Shark never understood how he ended up in the city. 

All he remembered was that one day, he woke up under the debris of an old building. He was cold, wet, and hungry. There was no sign of Matias. The neighborhood has completely changed. Everything was new. Squeal and Yelp weren’t there, neither any of the other friendly faces he knew and got along well on Matias’s farm.

At first, he grew incredibly anxious. Left at the city outskirts city, he was frightened and lonely. Unfamiliar faces lurked from every corner. He met dogs that were growling and people that were cursing, some of them even kicking him for no reason. 

It took about a week for Shark to understand that he will never see Matias again. All of a sudden, that annoying hairdryer sound sounded very desirable. At that point, Shark took on a level of bitterness that morphed into cynicism as the years went by.  Just about then, Shark lost his faith in humankind and became an urban dog. 

It took a while until he adapted and started building his new life. And Marshall and Isaac had a lot to do with his newly found sense of belonging. Isaac was among the first ones who saw his loving potential and Marshall wholeheartedly supported him to partner up with Shark and start teaching people how to love. 

But humans? Nope, Shark just couldn’t restore his inner sense of trust in people, no matter how hard he tried and looked for reasons to go back to how he previously felt.     

From the moment he embraced his urban life, Shark wasn’t the same trusting puppy. The city kept buffing him and, sharpening his paws and teeth. By the time he met Isaac, his nickname Shark was fully established. His muzzle has proven its worth, often for not so nice reasons. But if there was someone who could get through Shark’s hard shell, it was Isaac. Uncompromisingly loyal, his friend was veering on the side of safety, trustfulness, and lifelong commitment. 

That’s why Shark just couldn’t get Isaac’s latest idea. Whys would Isaac want to ally with Pixie for such an arduous case as Daniel’s? 

“Solving a problem with an even bigger one? Nope, I just don’t think that is a good idea. As a matter of fact, it’s a terrible idea”, confidently declared Shark, murmuring in his muzzle. 

“It will be a brawl, buddy”, he turned to his friend. “How precisely do you imagine we can pull this one off?”

“This is what we are going to do”, Isaac confidently started sharing more details about his unique, cunning, and ingenious plan. 

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