“I know it sounds complicated. We have never inhabited more than one human so far. Is it troublesome? Sure. Can we make a mess? Perhaps. But should we do it? We must do it, without a doubt!”, Isaac assured Pixie as her Spitz eyes grew with suspicion even more 

“You are telling me that you need me to inhabit this human female Charlene, whatever that means, and that you will inhabit that bozo Daniel, and that all their problems would melt away? For both of them? That sounds pretty incredible if you ask me. I’ve heard of dogs who have overturned people’s destiny once they came into their lives, but this? This is something beyond I’ve ever imagined it’s possible”, Pixie shook her head in disbelief. 

“Especially with these two knuckleheads. That Charlene girl seems like a softie. What is it that she makes, you say? Gold rings. I don’t know what’s the use of them – they are not food! They look like a cat’s toy, all shiny and tiny! If she were a dog, she wouldn’t survive on the street for more than a few days. And as human, those savages from Duke’s gang would scare the hell out of her. They hang around the ”Demure” often. Weekends are their specialty because of that Chinese place nearby. The cook throws away a week-long of leftovers on Friday afternoons”, she continued. 

“Sometimes I get there before them with my dogs and we manage to pick up most of it. That’s why Duke keeps his fair share of anger directed towards me. I think he hasn’t forgiven me for a full house win last November. We were faster and outsmarted them for the whole month. They ended up hungry all the time and had to go far, further than they’re used to”, concluded Pixie in her adult manner, with just a tad bit of childish victorious grimace that shows up on a toddler’s face when they steal someone else’s toy.

“You should give more credit to people, Pixie”, said Isaac. “For what I can say, you and Shark have a lot in common in how much you distrust people. Maybe that’s why you hate each other. Each reminds the other one of a part of themselves they’d rather hide. Come on guys, we are stray dogs. We shouldn’t be afraid of our shadows!”, Isaac’s wise words rang a bell of truth in Pixie’s head as she reluctantly waited for him to finish.  

“There is something about this dog that strikes me as unusual,” Pixie quietly contemplated. “Isaac is not the usual type I’m used to hanging out with. He has some fineness, gentleness, even nobility about him. He is almost like those wined-and-dined dogs that have found their forever homes”, curiously thought Pixie as a surprising notion initiated into her head. 

“Jesus, it’s not that I like him, do I?” she asked herself as she evaluated the likelihood of his plan ending up in success. 

“Nope, impossible! I’ve just gone all mild and tender because of the boring last couple of months. Well, maybe this is exactly the challenge I needed to spice things up”, all of a sudden, she got excited.

“Alright, Isaac. You got me interested, I must admit,” said Pixie. “And not only in your plan, but you’ll never hear that from me!”, she added silently as Isaac’s face lighted up hearing her agreeing to cooperate in the most difficult of challenges.

“Really? Well, that’s great. I never thought you would agree in such a short conversation. But I guess I underestimated how smart you are. Your willingness to cooperate is probably why you are the leader of the pack in your area.”, complimented Isaac, which, much to his shock, wasn’t just a courteous way of getting points and enticing her cooperation.

For a moment there, he honestly thought that Pixie was special. 

However, he didn’t have the time to give too much meaning to the feelings that have arisen unexpectedly. They had work to do and messing with feelings could only further complicate things. 

“Listen, now! We have to visit Marshall. He will train you. You’ll see, inhabitation is not so difficult. You’ll just need to fine-tune your sixth sense and learn how to communicate with humans confidently. We are much better in that than they are anyway. They’re clueless!” finished Isaac as he and Pixie directed towards Marshal’s headquarters, turning their back on Shark, who left them alone for a moment, ravaging a trash bin nearby.

“Hey, there lovebirds, wait for me!” teased them Shark, not assuming how much truth his joking words contained. “Did you forget about me?”, he yelled, as he hopped over, following them with a huge T-bone in his teeth and an equally massive sense of satisfaction. This was the type of bone he often received as a treat on Matias’s farm.

His food quest for today was over. 

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