“James, I would like to leave her here for now and come back to visit her on Monday. How does that sound? I will be covering for the expenses in full. Do whatever you think is necessary for her to feel okay”. 

Charlene was at ease that the dog wasn’t severely hurt. She was petting Pixie’s white fur and scratching her belly while the spitz looked in her eyes, confidently concluding that the inhabitation turned out well. She loved that she would be spending the weekend at this nice vet’s office and hang out with his quiet boy. It was an astounding difference compared to the loud, cold streets where she usually spent her time. 

“Sounds good. Amazingly, she found a helpful hand. So many dogs end up on the street, being run over and bleeding to death or unable to move due to broken bones and starving in dark alleys. When I see a happy occurrence such as this one, it lights up my heart,” James smiled.

The driver waited with her and Jo to take them back to the “Demure”, relieved that this night didn’t turn for the worse.

As far as his history was concerned, he had witnessed terrible accidents and drunken customers that kept him awake and without his necessary weekend wages. Luckily, he hasn’t caused or participated in a tragic outcome so far but he already lost count of the police reports he had to sign.

Jo patiently observed Phil who sat nearby while Charlene took care of the last bits with the vet. 

Phil was taking off and on the nuts and the bolts on his drone. James didn’t bother him as he knew that Phil would assemble the device in the same way he disassembled it.

His son was just a child, but his autism made him develop quite a knack for technical stuff. Looking at the deep focus Phil had when playing with devices, he thought he was an engineer in the making. Or, perhaps a vet? Apart from gadgets and gizmos, Phil also loved dogs, more than people. And James didn’t mind: he knew his son’s special abilities and tried to do everything he could to make him happy. 

“Come on, Jo, let’s go. We are done here. She will be fine. Whew, what a night! Let’s have some fun now, thank you for being there for me, girl, you know how grateful I am! The first round of drinks is on me!”

“No worries, Char! I am happy for that white cotton ball, too! I’ll take that offer, though, I think we both deserve a drink or two!” Jo’s light mood was coming back as they got into the taxi and continued to the “Demure”. They didn’t have to go far, but the heels made it a nuisance so they accepted the taxi driver’s offer to take them there.

The “Demure” was cooking up pretty heavily as the girls were late because of the unforeseen event.

Daniel was already there, slowly sipping on his whiskey at the bar, contemplating about what has been one of the strangest encounters in his life. That strange basset wasn’t quitting.

Isaac waited until Daniel got ready, left his apartment, and followed him on his way to the club.

Contrary to how Daniel behaved around dogs, he wasn’t as angry this time. He felt a newfound curiosity, even softness for the sad-looking dog with long ears that swayed around the basset’s head as he walked behind him. 

Daniel turned his head back several times, assuming that the dog would lose interest and leave him in favor of food, dogs, or even another human. 

But this wasn’t the case. He got into the club. At the same time, Isaac stopped next to the entrance, sat down, and put the head on his paws, like he was trying to say: “I am not allowed to get in, you know that! But I will wait for you here until you get out.”

Daniel’s surprise turned into a smile, as the dog’s persistence lifted the heavy corners of his lips and lightened up his mood in a way he hasn’t remembered in a while. 

The largest chunk of Pixie’s and Isaac’s work was done. 

In the meantime, Marshall and Shark prepared to stand for support. Fridays were busy with wandering stray dogs and the cold breeze on this particular Friday nudged the gangs to go out in search of food.

The corgi didn’t want to think that the heavy part of the job was over: he knew that the other gangs would be competing with them. Things could get nasty. Issac would need all the help he could get.

Charlene and Jo finally got into the club. The first person Charlene noticed under the bar lights was Daniel. She curved her lips into an irritated grimace and hurried up to the bar to buy the promised drinks.

”Ah well, I’ll have to say hello eventually, I might as well do it sooner rather than later!”  

Featured image: Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

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