“James, it’s Charlene! Sorry to call you so late but I know you are working late, and this is urgent. It is not about the white spitz, it’s about another dog, a pug. He is old and he is bleeding from his neck. There was a fight… I am sorry James, I’m terribly distressed, I’d like to bring the dog over, can I tell you the details later? Great, thanks so much, you are a savior!”, Charlene hung up and took off her coat to wrap the dog. 

Jo was already next to her, half-silently thinking about how another unfortunate dog happened to welcome the luck of Charlene being nearby. 

“Wow, Char, not one, but two dogs in a day, what are the odds of that happening?” 

Jo was still shocked by the fight. Her stomach turned inside out from the people who were cursing and crying, having their night ruined by “a bunch of dirty savage mongrels” as one man called them, slamming the door of his car, starting the engine, and leaving the scene with an angry screech as his life depended on that. 

“Die, you motherfucker!”, she yelled at the man. She lifted the middle finger and kept it up for a few seconds, hoping that he would see it in the back mirror. 

Then, she turned over to see if Charlene needed any help. Daniel stood next to her. 

“I can help you take the dog to the vet,” Daniel offered.

“Oh, really? That would be great! Otherwise, we would need to find a taxi, and god knows those are hard to get to at this time of the night.”

“Yes, my car is parked nearby, I will drive. Wait here, please, I’ll be back in three minutes.”

“Thanks, Daniel!” Charlene picked up Marshall and tried to keep him warm close to her chest as she and Jo stood patiently, counting the minutes while the pug lied unconsciously in her hands, and her favorite trench coat staining in blood. 

“I guess this is not your lucky night, trenchie! You have a higher purpose to serve. Oh, well I’m not sorry at all, as long as the dog is fine. And I will see Pixie soon, that’s the silver lining in this stupefying night, I guess.” Charlene didn’t expect to visit James so soon again, but she was happy she had found him earlier that night.

“If that white cotton ball didn’t come into my life this evening, who knows If I’d know the vet worked so late and over the weekend!”, she thought, still wondering about Daniel’s offer to take them to the vet. 

It was quite unbelievable that the arrogant prick from work seemed so kind-hearted at night. Her train of thought got interrupted by the ringing of the phone. 

“It must be James”, she thought, “Who else would call this late on a Friday night?” 

“Ah, but of course, ma, I forgot all about you!” 

Charlene had it. She put the phone on silent while her mom kept ringing. After half a minute, the ringing stopped. Charlene decided that she doesn’t have the strength to deal with her mom’s nonsense that evening. She had more important things to take care of. She put herself first. It felt good to choose herself for once.

Disregarding the phone buzzing with several text messages, coming one by one, Charlene didn’t have to look at it. She knew it was her mom, once again doing what she did best – looking for attention.    

Isaac and Shark were observing closely, howling, and walking in circles. The basset was visibly disturbed. He had never seen Marshall helpless. Somehow, he believed his mentor was invincible. The neck wound was serious. Isaac felt he was losing his confidence. 

Shark was angry, barking into the direction Duke and his gang went, his teeth out, as he was trying to protect his numb friend who was hit hard by the unexpected event. 

The two dogs looked at Daniel’s car that stopped in front of them. The two women entered, taking Marshall inside, wrapped in the coat, lying there without making a sound, as he was dead.

The basset and the corgi didn’t have much choice. They followed the car. 

Featured Image Credit: winterseitler from Pixabay 

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