Stories about Dogs and People

“Rationality by itself does not solve any problems or answer any questions. Its efficaciousness depends on how we combine it with our drives, goals, and desires–and perhaps our less-linear-algorithm-based intuitions. This synthesis of the rational and a-rational occurs at the individual level of a person figuring out a problem or making a decision. It also is in play (at issue) when a larger social group or society debates, plans, …and votes”.

(From Berkeley’s Sense, Sensibility and Science course starting spring 2016)

The greatest scientists of all time based their scientific theories on much more than rational thinking.

Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Carl Gustav Jung, and Johannes Kepler started the road to the truth with prodigious desires ruled by internal stimuli. We don’t know much about their other, less popular work. They used methods and experimented with fields which are still held dubious by the mainstream modern…

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