3 Mental Health Benefits You Can Learn From Your Dog

If You Need Some Spiritual Love, There Is No Better Messenger Than Your Dog To Deliver It I used to associate dharma with Buddhism only, and later, with the miraculous series “Lost”. If you were a fan, then you will know how was 'Dharma' involved in the story and what does it have to do... Continue Reading →

How to Talk About Beauty to Young Girls

When we are born, the most beautiful person in the world for us is our mother. While I am almost sure you don’t remember (at least not consciously) the moment of your birth, I am positive that you remember a moment of your very first years when you looked into your mother’s face with awe.... Continue Reading →

Can Your Heart Predict the Future?

  Photo credit: Foter.com The secrets of the human heart are many, and as we advance in sophisticated technological research methods and innovative software we can start unveiling at least some of them. The vital organ of emotions has been a research topic in prominent studies but we are just in the last decade or... Continue Reading →

Mathematics – the Imperfect Language of the Universe

“We give great value not only to the methods and the tools of science but also to the language of the universe we call mathematics.” - Neil Degrasse Tyson Writing about the flaws of science in the age of fake news is like walking on eggshells. When supported by a public interview statement given by... Continue Reading →

Why Does Your Facebook Comment Feed Turn Into a War of Words

All you need to do is to have a look at just one long string of comments anywhere online, especially if an online space is specifically designed for socially sensitive issues, and find out how online public communication works. It's often full of spite which doesn't have to do anything with the concrete discussion topic.... Continue Reading →

How I Fell In Love (And Built A Long-Lasting Relationship) With Writing

  I learned how to write when I was four. I learned the Latin alphabet by the age of six. I had short stories published by the second grade and although they were only published in the school magazines, by then I knew that I was a storyteller who got hungrier by the day. By... Continue Reading →

3 Surprising Tips to Help You Master Communication at Work

The consumer-related and production-oriented business world we live in makes it difficult to discover the power of quietude and receptiveness to the environment. Taking action is so championed that most people find it extremely complicated to sit calm and do nothing, at least on the outside. Perhaps this is so because most job descriptions include... Continue Reading →

3 Actions Leaders Can Take to Create a Pleasant Workplace

How to Turn Your Colleagues Into Angels What does work have to do with angels? Well, at least close to the holidays, it is easier to see the symbolism of the heavenly beings. The workplace does not have much in common with the winged creatures, yet it does so with angelic qualities. People are not... Continue Reading →

How Berkeley Introduced Magic into Mainstream Science

“Rationality by itself does not solve any problems or answer any questions. Its efficaciousness depends on how we combine it with our drives, goals, and desires--and perhaps our less-linear-algorithm-based intuitions. This synthesis of the rational and a-rational occurs at the individual level of a person figuring out a problem or making a decision. It also... Continue Reading →

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