Stories about Dogs and People

Heartwarming tales for joyful humans.

You are just a pet cuddle away from feeling awesome. Or grab a book, a blanket, and a coffee!

Writing Services

writing services

Expert SEO content and inspiring copy for grabs. I specialize in self-development, work psychology, pets, and modern technologies, including sustainability, electric vehicles, electronics news, and electronics research.

Book Reviews

I read a lot and I write a lot. That is why I decided to say something about the books I’ve read, loved and hated, about those that flummoxed me, shaped me into what I am, and brought tears to my eyes and belly laughs.

A Basset Named Isaac

A basset looking at the camera

A “Basset Named Isaac” is a book about dogs that help people learn how to love. Find out what events took Isaac on a life quest that will change his life forever.

Understanding Dogs

Dogs are amazing; we can all agree on that. If you are completely, utterly, and madly in love with dogs, yours or other people’s, stay tuned as we explore exciting topics about keeping dogs in various domestic conditions, dog breed stereotypes, dog training, dogs as therapists/support animals, befriending your dog, understanding your dog language and emotions, and learning important lessons about well-being from dogs.


“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

-groucho marx


I learned how to write when I was four. I learned the Latin alphabet by the age of six. My short stories got published in second grade. Although that was only in a school magazine, by then I knew that I was a storyteller, hungrier by the day.


A labor of love for writing to understand what makes us better humans.



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