How I Fell In Love (And Built A Long-Lasting Relationship) With Writing

  I learned how to write when I was four. I learned the Latin alphabet by the age of six. I had short stories published by the second grade and although they were only published in the school magazines, by then I knew that I was a storyteller who got hungrier by the day. By... Continue Reading →

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How to Love Someone, Body and Soul (or Love, Shortly)

Yes. It’s that time of the year again and Christmas movies are on the repertoire. A great time to talk about love, actually… shortly When we first meet a new person, our eyes see their body. We see the body as an indicator of that person’s worth and attractiveness. We don't do this only with... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why the Dutch Have the Best Sex Ed in the World

Can you imagine sending your 14-year-old daughter to school in which the teacher in one of her classes teaches a lesson by asking the following questions: “How will you respond if your boyfriend refuses to put a condom on?” “What do your friends think about condoms”? “Write down their possible answers, and then check with... Continue Reading →

A Red Ribbon Letter to a Young Woman on Her Journey to Adulthood

Read this letter to a young woman you know in your life or to the young woman that still lives within you, even if you are a fully grown adult. Dear Young Woman, I love you unconditionally. Each day, I work on creating a ground fit for you to live, grow and bloom. You shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

How to Bring Back and Nurture Your Natural Intuitive Tracker

Apart from possessing the power to orchestrate your attention and language abilities and to demonstrate fearful and pleasant reactions, as well as care for visual imagination, your cerebellum is also the seat of your intuition. The cerebellum or the “little brain” is the place to receive intuitive impressions which get directed to the frontal part... Continue Reading →

Questioning the Limits of Human Fertility

When it comes to creations of various kinds, nothing is as generous, as fertile and as persistent as nature. If you want to picture nature’s fertility, think of the acacia and the linden trees in spring and early summer. In a very similar way, our female bodies, minds and souls are full of creative potential... Continue Reading →

How to Perform the Healing Practice of the Mother’s Heritage

If you pause for a moment to look back into your life and the life of your mother, as well as back into the histories of the women around you, you will see each woman’s foremother. All foremothers are the mothers of the mothers of our mothers. There you will find your mom, your grandma,... Continue Reading →

The Pink Gorilla at the Back of My Garden

This morning I went out in the back garden to pick up some basil for my pasta. And – there she was. The pinkest gorilla I have ever seen! How do I know she was a lady? Pretty easy – she gave an arrogant look at my messy hair. Just like she knows better! She... Continue Reading →

A Role Model from the Dark Side

I will call him the Shrew. People did not always like him. He had a dark side to himself. But, although young, one I could easily grasp. My old soul could always relate to such people. It came naturally. I thought people were too harsh on him. Then again, I always think people are too... Continue Reading →

Red Thread – the Invisible String Connecting All Women

Threads have a symbolic energy meaning. They are a source of personal power for the Native Americans through their long hair, they are in our DNA and they are in our food as fibers and even in nanotechnology, galloping into the future. The analogy in the examples may be far-fetched, but it is not to... Continue Reading →

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