“A Basset named Issac” is a weekly book-type blog about dogs that teach people how to love. Stay tuned for more by visiting the homepage each Monday.

Chapter 1: How Isaac Got His Name

How it all began, and how Isaac turned out the wonder dog he is. Introducing Marshall, the old wise pug, the op’s mastermind.

Chapter 2: Shark, Isaac’s Best Friend

Who is Shark, Isaac’s best friend? A stray corgi dog with a weird sense of humor and a sad past.

Chapter 3: The Troublemaker and the Student

Meet Pixie, a female Spitz that will play a crucial role in Isaac’s next endeavor to teach humans love.

Chapter 4: Demure, the Night Club with a Poorly Chosen Name

The critical place of the main event – a nightclub in Isaac’s neighborhood where Daniel and Charlene go often.

Chapter 5: Juicy Gossip in the Hood

Daniel, the aggressive bad boy with painful nightmares, and Charlene, his naive self-victimized colleague.

Chapter 6: The Dog That Didn’t Trust People

Why Shark doesn’t trust humans anymore?

Chapter 7: Matias, the Argentinian Traitor Farmer

How come a wonderful domesticated farm life turned into street wondering for Shark?

Chapter 8: The Inception of Isaac’s Ingenious Plan to Turn Things Around

Dogs full of love inhabit humans? But what does that mean?

Chapter 9: Isaac Extends the Olive Branch

Isaac and Pixie befriend – from adversaries to team mates.

Chapter 10: The Cohabitation Experiment

Can Isaac, Pixie, and Shark heal hearts under Marshall’s guidance?

Chapter 11: Two Human Knuckleheads in a Desperate Need of Dog Help

More about the story of Charlene and Daniel, and the role of Marshall’s wisdom  in all of it.

Chapter 12: Daniel’s Drinking and Violence Problem

Daniel: a fragile soul behind a tough exterior.

Chapter 13: Training Pixie

Marshall trains Pixie. She learns as a pro and she needs to do so because the big night is just a few hours away.

Chapter 14: The Twelve Principles of Love

How dogs love and what humans need to learn from them: starting with the twelve principles of love.

Chapter 15: Third and Fourth Principle of Love

Love now and love with no expectation.

Chapter 16: Pixie Flourishes as Her Heart Grows Bigger

As Pixie and Isaac prepare to inhabit Charlene and Daniel, a seed of fondness between them turns into something deeper.

Chapter 17: Love is Not Magic, It’s a Decision

Infatuation is not love – dogs know that, but do humans?

Chapter 18: Love through the Eyes of Innocence

How to feed your love by looking at it with new eyes each day and with gratitude.

Chapter 19: “Stop Calling Me, Mom!”

Where does Charlene’s self-victimhood originate from?

Chapter 20: The Night Daniel’s Tears Ran Dry

A devastating childhood and an alcoholic father – how Daniel built a shell around his heart?

Chapter 21: Pixie is Ready

Pixie learns all twelve principles of love and gets closer to Isaac.

Chapter 22: Phil, the Autistic Boy, and Shark Bond

Shark meets Phil and his dad, the vet.

Chapter 23: Charlene Pulls Off a Lauren Bacall for the Big Night

Char and Jo arrange to meet for the Friday night fun in the “Demure”.

Chapter 24: Daniel Finds Sadness Again

Daniel is on his way out to the club as he notices a pair of eyes that persistently stare at him from outside his apartment.

Chapter 25: Charlene Falls in Love with Pixie

A car crash that could have been a tragic accident has a happy aftermath.

Chapter 26: Charlene and Daniel Meet at the “Demure”

Leaving the vet’s clinic. The Friday night finally starts for Daniel and Charlene with an unexpected twist.

Chapter 27: Charlene and Daniel Meet at the “Demure” – Part 2

Work colleagues reverse roles in the club.

Chapter 28: Pixie’s pack is Left without a Leader

Shark is worried. Drunk people and hungry dogs aren’t a good combination.

Chapter 29: The Night of the Big Fight

Things aren’t exactly going according to the plan.

Chapter 30: The Telepathy between Two Dogs and Two People

The unbreakable bond between a couple of dogs and a couple of humans starts shaping.

Chapter 31: Hungry Dogs and Angry People

A night turns sad.

Chapter 32: An Out-of-the-Blue Visit to the Vet’s Clinic

To the vet, for the second time in the same night.

Chapter 33: Lover at Loss for Words

Silence surrounds lovers as they struggle to speak in face of an awful night.

Chapter 34: The End of the Long, Life-changing Night

The long night is over, and things start unraveling.

Chapter 35: Charlene Finally Realizes Her Mom Is a Narcissist

The sudden sharp pain when enough is enough.

This is the final chapter of “A Basset Named Issac” published as a weekly blog column. There is now a book in the making based on these chapters. The edited and illustrated book is expected to be ready in 2022!

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