When the trash can is your dinner plate, and dirty cardboard is your bed, life can be tough.

No one knows how Isaac ended up on the streets, but every stray dog in his area knows about his superpowers. Together with his best pal, the corgi-mix Shark, the basset Isaac follows Marshall’s guidance and mentorship to improve his enchantment skills and lead humans to find their way back from trauma to love.

While helping two wounded human souls heal and find peace, Isaac faces an unexpected love lesson himself.

Nothing hurts like abandonment, but nothing heals like a cracked-open heart that has been through a harsh past.

In life, you win some, you lose some.

This heartwarming story will take you on a personal feel-good healing journey. It will remind you of how much people can learn from dogs by embracing their incomparable capacity to love unconditionally. Healthy love is truly a healing superpower, especially when generously gifted by stray dogs.

A Basset Named Isaac cover