Biljana Ognenova is a writer with a B.A. in Law and M.A. in Psychology and almost 20 years of experience managing people and projects in an international environment.


She loves to spend her time reading about psychology, especially about how people behave in teams, groups, and organizations.

She has received a certificate for mentoring girls and facilitating Girls’ Circles from the educational community called ‘Journey of Young Women’. The community teaches young women positive messages about girl empowerment and coming of age.


Biljana adores dogs and thinks we have plenty to learn from them. She is certified in Complete Pet Care by the New Skills Academy, which consists of four modules: Pet Psychology Certification, Dog Grooming Certification, Pet Sitting Certification, and Dog Grooming Certification.

The certifications can be verified online at New Skills Academy. New Skills Academy is a Corporate Member of the CDP Certification Service, the UK Register of Learning Providers, and CMA Registered.


 Biljana Ognenova is the author of two books:

She lives her life passion by crafting beautiful stories for special people. She is mostly writing about psychology, philosophy, dogs, science, books, and personal development.

Writing Services

Biljana also does research and writing services about emerging technologies. She has helped hundreds of clients, mostly tech startups, software development companies, and digital marketing agencies grow their businesses by producing easy-to-understand technical content.

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