Yes. It’s that time of the year again and Christmas movies are on the repertoire.

A great time to talk about love, actually… shortly

When we first meet a new person, our eyes see their body. We see the body as an indicator of that person’s worth and attractiveness. We don’t do this only with the bodies of other people. We do it to ourselves, too. Instead of being grateful for the body we have as a container for consciousness, we only care about how we look in a particular piece of clothing.

The physical aspects which create the initial attraction are primarily associated with unmet psychological needs and unconscious biological reproductive instincts. Some of them are not even real attraction based on a deeper truth that exceeds the way someone looks.

Masks Falling at Christmas
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The mind creates many illusions about what is currently trending and popular. It is skilled to use the unmet needs and the unconscious reproductive instincts to manipulate us.

When we remove these silly surface masks, we get a deeper insight into others, as well as into ourselves, at the same time. This is how we unearth our passion, our awe with life and true internal beauty. This beauty can shine a bright light on any shape and any body.

How Love Makes us Whole

When we are in true internal harmony, we are only interested in whole persons. Whole persons own an individual true power. When we meet such a person, we are able to see clearly through the facade. We discover those whose life music is on the same level with our own soul journey.

Functional relationships have affinity and compatibility between the core values of the two lovers. The truth of these relationships is in the authentic “Me” and “You”, which ignite an inspirational spark of positive creativity that releases, heals and transforms.  

By growing toward a brighter vision, without losing ourselves into the illusion of the shape, we can see everything contained within us, and not only the bits that take us back to our unmet childhood needs – the sorely missed motherly love or the need for recognition and approval from the father. We are able to see clearly how is this connected to how we attract or repel people.

Evolving our DNA through the Way We Love

We have a part of our mom and a part of our dad united in us. Instead of staying lost in the unconscious needs, desires, drives and projections, and seeing only bodies, we can start finding greater meaning and depth in the people that come into our lives. Such people help us grow up to our full potential. They stand next to us during life’s ups and downs.  

DNA Molecular Structure
Photo by GlasgowAmateur on / CC BY-SA

There are deeper needs and wishes that have to do with what we aspire to than with what we have accumulated via cultural, biological and social programming.

When we expand our spiritual awareness out of our bodies, we bolster our biological conditioning written in the DNA and we build up our bodies with a different focus and different priorities. Our drive moves toward an essential goal and includes a broader scope of what we really are – a chunk of the cosmic unity brought to life through our bodies.



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