This morning I went out in the back garden to pick up some basil for my pasta.

And – there she was. The pinkest gorilla I have ever seen! How do I know she was a lady? Pretty easy – she gave an arrogant look at my messy hair. Just like she knows better!

She was picking up flowers, not at all surprised or frightened to see me.

She was more annoyed that I came to disturb her in the careful flower arrangement she was making. Little by little, my roses and lilies were vanishing in front of my nose. I have never seen something so pink in my life!

“Gosh, she must really love pink!” – I thought.

But I didn’t quite get where she found all that pink dye on her fur. It was a glittery disco-pink which didn’t go well with her deep brown eyes and her olive skin. I wondered who the hairdresser behind this horror look was.

I am sorry I didn’t have the time to ask her. Just as I turned my back on her, she jumped over the fence and disappeared.

You won’t believe what I found next to my favorite rose bush:

A twenty dollar bill!

Photo credit: edenpictures via / CC BY


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