We all carry women’s heritage.

Pause for a moment. Take a look back into your life and the life of your mother. Go as far back as into the histories of all women related to you, all the way you can go to picture each woman’s foremother. As you travel back into your imagination, you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connect with the line of all females in your mother line.

Every woman from the same mother line is a foremother to the daughters that follow in the next generations. In your family mother line, you will find your mother, your grandmother, and your grand-grandmother.

What is the Women’s Heritage: All Foremothers Have Something in Common

If you look back and forth, you will find all women who are mothers, daughters, and grandmothers at the same time and have left a mark in the same linear bloodline. This line can sometimes cross over in multiple directions, spreading to all females in a family.

Marks can last for years, decades, and even centuries after that very moment in the life of a daughter who reminisces about her ancestral motherly bloodline.

All mother lines traverse back to the primordial conception, the Big Bang, the seed of all creation. This journey into the past is not always easy to visualize and experience.

Yet, as a woman, if you stand still and relate well to your body, you are most likely to feel it deep down in your bones.

Healing Your Ancestral Mother Line

If you call all women from your bloodline to join this moment in time and space that we share now, you will be able to understand the meaning of the mother’s heritage until the very first moment of origin born by the Mother of All Mothers – Mother Earth.

Invite them one by one as far back as you can remember their names or as long as you keep track of a family story about a woman in the past. This summoning exercise can be triggering but also a healing practice with longlasting consequences. 

Its effects are all more potent if you have some women from your family in your physical space. But it is useful even if you do the recollection by yourself.

Often, when women do this exercise, they genuinely feel this presence of all women in their ancestral bloodline, and they start crying. Becoming conscious of the deep sorrow and the intense anger accumulated from generations behind is not comfortable.

It is not at all a breeze to reach this point of consciousness.

You have to get to the deepest core of your being to feel what it means to be a foremother. Experiencing our connection with nature and reaching the depth of the Earth’s essence is paramount for healing. The Earth’s core is the place where all life has been brought into existence.

It is not unusual to start sobbing when you go deep down in this experience. It happens to most women.

Each tear you shed can help you heal the pain accumulated from eons behind. That pain is not always yours. It can be from someone from your family’s past.

How to Connect with Your Foremothers Now

If you are doing this and are overwhelmed by strong emotions, don’t think you are alone.

Summon your foremothers into the present moment. You don’t need to know their names. Just invite all female ancestors to share their presence with you in your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Ask them from the heart, and they will come ready and set to heal you, like you will, in turn, heal them, as well.

Droplets of their blood still run through your heart and your veins. And maybe you need to do the first step to heal the ancestral mother line by healing your trauma.

The first healing step for you will be to cry out all tears that your grandmother or grand-grandmother didn’t manage to shed in their lifetimes.

Shedding the tears of past trauma, hurt, and unfulfilled lives of our foremothers will lift off the burden of the mother’s heritage from our back.

When we are free from these tears and stop carrying them on our backs, we can start developing skills and talents that lie dormant.

(Bethany Webster from “Womb of Light” does excellent work on this. There is plenty on her website to learn more about the mother wound. Her book on the inner mother will be ready in June 2020).

Since you are already here, reading these lines, you probably have enough love in your life to dissolve all trauma blockages unconsciously inherited from your line of foremothers.

This exercise is not a task you must do. It is usually an intuitive call that comes at the right moment of each woman’s life, ready to start healing the damage done over centuries.

Visualize your female ancestors sending you blessings and how you celebrate the healing taking place at this very moment together.

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