Read this letter to a young woman you know in your life or to the young woman that still lives within you, even if you are a fully grown adult.

Dear Young Woman,

I love you unconditionally. Each day, I work on creating a ground fit for you to live, grow and bloom.

You shouldn’t “should” anything. I love you just the way you are.

If you ever need to follow someone, follow the stories of the girls and the women from your everyday life that have acted upon their dreams and let their voice be heard and make an impact. Follow the trailblazers.

The greatest reward in life is to do what you do with passion. Do whatever makes your ideas get on fire. Things that can be seen and believed in can also be brought into reality.

You have your own personal power gained at birthright. Reach out for it and grab it.

Self-confidence is not an absence of fear. It means learning the play of the fearful sensation well, to nurture the capability of telling the difference between reaching out for what you want and withdrawing.

I want to lead by example so that you can see that I go forward despite the fact that I feel fear because you will see that getting what you want is possible.

You are at your most beautiful when, with a smile on your face, you offer help, love yourself and the others unconditionally, and when you have forgiveness for your friends and family, but above all – for yourself.

With affection,

Your Grown Self


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