There is one characteristic that separates every successful person from the majority of other people. They’re willing to take that extra step, give that extra effort, and invest that extra energy that is not asked for or required as mandatory.

If you own the mindset of a successful person, you will always think of ways in which you can help other people solve their problems. 

1. Be helpful

Careful! This is not about giving unsolicited advice.

It is more about having the sixth sense to distinguish what truly troubles people and be willing and ready to do the hard work to get them to the other end. 

2. Go the extra mile

If you think and act like a successful person, you will:

  • Answer your boss’s main question, complete the major task, and offer additional helping tips to improve the work even further.
  • Offer to enhance a product or a service not because you sell yourself for cheap but because you’re so so well equipped and feel abundance in every sphere that going that extra mile won’t diminish your reserves.
  • Provide to people practical help that results in action instead of simply telling them what to do. For example, this can be helping your friend move by lifting heavy boxes, keeping an eye on their pet while they attend a job interview, designing your cousin’s business logo, or loaning a single mom the monthly fee for the babysitter.
  • Call your client to ask whether they are happy with your product or service although they never complained.
  • Learn to improve what you already have, produce, or provide, be it your job skills, your company, or your product.
  • Search for answers to difficult questions to solve problems no one has solved before. Because you must go out of the usual way to solve an old problem, you must never think that there is only one established way to do things. Eliminate the “This is how things have always been done” mindset.

A major component for standing out among others is the readiness to actively listen. 

3. Actively listen

Active listening is rarely about yourself, but the outcome is self-promotion. People will remember you.

Even if you get into a business interaction that is guided by healthy self-interest, you won’t get far without active listening and removing yourself out of the equation for a while

You can call this method market research, self-promotion or simply marketing if you wish, but it inevitably includes the skills to show up for the other person, client, or friend.

You must show up for other people, even more when your job is on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The method assumes that you are capable of making an unspoken pact between you that will serve you both, as well as bring you enjoyment, pleasure, mutual satisfaction, and a long-lasting relationship.

Do the above three things and you are sure to get noticed.

Featured Image Credit: Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

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  1. Good post…. Most people I noticed that usually complain about their job often only do the bare minimum most of the time, so they can’t be too shock with results, since you get out what you put in.

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