There it is. The snoring hummingbird.

A cute, sleeping, emerald-green, Peruvian hummingbird, accidentally caught in the deepest of its sleep, snoring like a steaming kettle or, as some of the YouTube comments have cleverly nailed it “a falling grenade”.

This is definitely not the last sound you will hear, as it would have been the case with the grenade, but I sure do hope so it will be the cutest.

Snoring hummingbird – Super Cute Animals – BBC

From the comments section:

“This is what YouTube recommendations were made for.”

“He needs the smallest CPAP machine ever.”

“I want to snuggle de burd and tell him everything is going to be ok.”

“I religiously watch this several times a day.”

“A scientist in peru fweeeeee captured this. Escaping from a tiny body fweeeeeeee of a sleeping humming bird. fweeeeeee A high pitched fweeeeeeee but unmistakable snore. fweeeeee Hummingbirds are loved for their beauty and speed fweeeeeeeee but this one was behaving a little bit like a human. fweeeeeee the perfect cute response trigger.”

Fweeeee to you, too, little snoring ball of greenness!

Featured Image Credit Domenic Hoffmann from Pixabay 

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