We all want to start the day on the high note, keep up the good energy throughout the day and avoid feeling exhausted when we take a look at the day behind.

In the morning, we want to have sufficient energy to keep the rest of the day rolling out and pulsing vibrantly.

Often, there is so much information on the topic of how to have a good day at work that it creates further unnecessary stress.

Instead of just be, stay in the moment and relax, we try to do read and do more.

Is this the best way to enjoying yourself at work? You can keep it simple and still reap many benefits.

The New Office Mantra: Breathe, Hydrate, and Move

What are the three simple activities or awarenesses you need to have in mind to keep your fire gloriously burning without fusing? And how to keep the relaxation and simply being part of it?

1. Breathe

Stop your work for a moment, fully exhale, and breathe in the fresh air with an almost 90-percent capacity.

When you have too much to do or you passionately want to do a good job, you have a tendency to hold our breath in. This is often because you love what you do and it is important to you.

how to have a good day at work stress-free
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

You may have noticed how the pressure builds up in the body when you lack oxygen. Your body clenches under the importance of the task in front of you and you stop breathing, focusing with all your powers on successful completion.

Whether you love it or not so much, you still adopt the resistance mode and hold the stress in.

When you breathe fully, you are in the flow, without overbearing your systems with unhealthy stress. The flow is a state of non-resistance in which you can fully utilize your creative energies and be the best you can be.

According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, an American-Hungarian psychologist, flow is the secret of happiness. Why not take his advice and apply it to the office during your everyday work?

2. Hydrate

Thousands of words have been written about the significance of Her Majesty the H20. They still don’t do her justice as she deserves.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is a Number One rule or the rule of all rules.

It is not a kind reminder – it is a rule. Water equals life. Water equals better brain function, vigilance, and improved bodily physiological responses. In turn, improved mind and body shape deliver greater work potential.

How to have a good day at work hydrate
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Apart from having a bottle on your desk, you should get used to more frequent trips to the water cooler and the toilet afterward.

Toilets and water coolers are the spots where colleagues often meet for friendly banter. Additionally, short office get-togethers are the place-to-be for collaborative fruitful ideas that don’t come to mind when you sit alone at your desk.

3. Move

A sedentary work style has major drawbacks, for example:

  • The body suffers as a whole
  • The spine deteriorates
  • Hands and neck become inflexible

The human body is used to the movement.

Movement is not just fun. It is a basic human need. Growth happens in movement. Dynamic developments happen in movement. Expansion requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

how to have a good day at work growth
Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

And most business leaders agree that growth, dynamic progress, and expansion are at the core of each endeavor and would like to see more of those in a great workday.

Getting up of the chair is of an absolute benefit for everyone who spends their time working seated. This should happen often, perhaps as often as every half an hour.

The body gets an energetic boost by putting itself into action.

The mind and the body are in mutual interdependence. Where one goes, the other naturally follows. A great mind-body connection is the essence of high-quality work.

You can make the breathe-hydrate-move office mantra a part of your work life with ease:

  1. Take the “O” out of oxygen as a symbol for the “breathe” part of the mantra.
  2. Make the “H” for hydrogen a part of “hydrate”.
  3. When the two connect together in a “2”, strolling to the watercooler for a glass of H2O in a relaxed way puts everything together.

This is how a simple glass of H2O and some activity can contribute to your happiness. 

Finally, here is another unoriginal yet useful idea – if you don’t like staring at water reminder apps, put a “Breathe-Hydrate-Move” board sign hanging on your office’s wall. That will do the job, too.

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