Practice, practice, practice.

The trial and error system builds confidence. This is where you learn to enjoy uncertainty and be uncomfortable.

Have a safety net.

You don’t need to do any unnecessary madness so that you bring your life in jeopardy. Or your health. Or any good that is of vital importance to you.

Trust in life.

It means that even if you make a mistake, you, or someone else, a friend, a close one, or even God, will help. Whether you place your belief in yourself or outside yourself, it does not matter – the belief itself is important.

Listen to your body.

This is where answers to your questions lie. Put your attention to your solar plexus area where the sense of fear arises. How would you feel in a certain imagined risky situation? Learn to discern between fear and intuition – they sometimes both reside in the stomach area.

Don’t follow someone else’s scheme.

That is how you create new stuff – and isn’t entrepreneurship and risk-taking all about new stuff? People are hungry for novelty.

Know your network.

Take care of the long-term relationship with your connections. Co-operate, do not abuse. This is how reputation is built.

Love what you do.

That is how you will be able to work hard and not even feel like it. Be of service.

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