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Apart from possessing the power to orchestrate your attention and language abilities, the cerebellum is capable of doing so much more. It can help you demonstrate fearful and pleasant reactions, nurture visual imagination, and provide a space to develop your intuition.

In fact, the cerebellum is the seat of your intuition.

The cerebellum or the “little brain” is the place to receive intuitive impressions that later get directed to the frontal part of the brain. These impressions break into awareness in the frontal area where the vague and undefined feelings typically associated with the sense of intuition grow into intellectually palpable notions, meanings, and words.

How Your “Little Brain” Conspires to Keep You on Track with Intuition

Intuition is a mix of all other senses combined into one. By exercising each of the other senses, we manage to build up a new, more powerful intuitive sense.

Indigenous tribal male members are…

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