In a modest but heartwarming photo exhibition, the passionate volunteers from Pawsome Enthusiasts yet another time tried to find forever homes for homeless dogs in Skopje. 

Heartwarming Stray Dog Photos

As you may already know, there are always more dogs that are trying to find their owners than owners willing to take dogs.

Therefore, any adoption that results in a beautiful story of a human-dog bond warms people’s hearts. It is even more so touching during the holidays when we are all a bit more generous and full of gratitude.

It is a bright shining star among the grey dire everyday events we hear about on the news, instilling hope and optimism in people’s souls, which are never enough around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For some people and many dogs, this holiday time is the toughest. It’s winter. It can get pretty cold and lonely.

Since most charities and volunteering organizations push forward their plans at this time of the year, dogs often come last. Nevertheless, there is a tiny fraction of the hooman population that is wholeheartedly dedicated to helping dogs. 

We Just Can’t Have Enough of a Noble Cause

What’s so special about this particular photo exhibition is that it included professionally made images. Social media is overflowing with pictures of pedigree dogs and stray dogs who have found their owners. So, why not follow the common trail of success and entice prospective owners with some expert-made pics?

These are stray dog images that have been put on a stand and taken at the exhibition itself. Therefore, some of the picture quality may be lost. But what we could get is the special attention given to each dog when on a pedestal. A single dog gets lost in a legion on thousands on the web or in dog shelters. Yet, when put on a display in front of a dog-loving audience, each dog becomes a character, a persona, and a glorious life waiting to be lived until the very happy end.

A Story Waiting to Be Told

There is a story behind each of these images. It would have been nice to have the dog’s personal story attached to the images. However, given the hours these volunteers invest in saving hundreds from stray dogs from the streets, each small step matters. This blog is an attempt to contribute to their story and help them live happier lives.

Visitors had the chance to ask questions about possible adoption, contribute to the dog rescue Christmas fund (usually an endless pit), and acquire small presents for themselves or their friends and family. Cup and glass coasters, mouse pads, filigree brooches – all lovely things that could be a nice holiday gift for someone. There was coffee and refreshments for a tiny donation fee. All in all, an event that goes well with the Christmas spirit.

Stray dogs for adoption – collective image. Credit for original images made by pro photographers goes to Pawsome Enthusiasts. Display image credits: Stories about Dogs and People

Some of the dogs that were on display are already adopted and some are still waiting for adoption. Perhaps we cannot yet have the final say about the success of this adoption event. After all, dog adoption is not an easy decision and should not be taken lightly. Hopefully, many dogs have been joined with owners. 

Having said that, when it comes to the benefit of stray dogs, all the glory goes to owners who adopt and don’t shop. But to each their own – if you decide to get a pedigree dog from a breeder, it’s a choice you have can make in full right. However, if you hesitate between adopting a stray dog from a shelter or a street dog, at least consider going for one without a pedigree. The rewards you will reap are limitless.    

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