There is an unspoken pact between humans and dogs: collaborate, cohabitate, and support each other. Many of us have opened their hearts and souls to understand this intuitively. Some are not there yet. But that’s not so important: what matters the most is not which side of awareness you are on, but the depth and meaning of connections you have made – and if they include an army of dogs, even better. 

For one curious dog that decided to follow humans on a mountain expedition, this pact included copious amounts of luck, one that not many other dogs have had when facing extreme weather conditions.

A group of three climbers from the AK8 club started their journey on day one. Was the white dog getting bored on this first day, so much that it decided to try its mountaineering skills in weather that is challenging even for experienced trekkers and Alpinists who have spent many hours on the mountain? We can never tell, at least until we learn how to understand dogs and talk their language perfectly. 

For now, we know that the dog decided to join a group of mountain climbers who were doing regular training. The dog followed their footsteps on day one. But much to their surprise, they’ve found him stuck on the high rocks when they returned to finish the training on day two. So, a training session turned into a saving mission as they invested a lot of effort to get and get down the scared, freezing dog that couldn’t find his own way down through the steep climb. 

Check out for yourself what these amazing team did to rescue the stranded dog that was freezing for 24 hours, both literally and figuratively, because it was too curious, adventure-stricken, and human-bonded. Thanks to that important bond, Lucky (not necessarily his real name) was brought back to safety. 

All credit for the photo and video materials goes to Maja Muhic and Metodi Cilimanov, who were also a part of the rescue mission

We see so many dogs helping people that it is nice to see examples of humans that randomly help dogs, too.  And maybe Lucky is destined to become an Alpinist or at least learn how to find his way around mountains better so that he doesn’t get into trouble again.  

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