It is easy as a pie to choose a career as a teenager if you listen to your inner dragon. There is a dragon hidden in every girl before she hits puberty.

Here is a simple way to reach your inner beast and pick a career path that will bring you joy and financial abundance.

How to Choose a Career Path at High School

Have you had a chance to talk to a 10-year old girl recently? They are beastly, confident, full of vigor, and energy.

You need to pick a career path as a teenager by reconnecting to the 10-year-old girl you once were.

Before girls hit puberty, they are the most confident people in the world.

5 Reasons Why This is the Best Age to Make Wise Career Choices

Young ladies have many advantages and characteristics that make them well prepared to make healthy life choices:

  • Overcame the inevitable stresses of adopting basic life skills.
  • Learned to manage their place as a young person at school and family.
  • Have a pretty good picture of what the world is about. 
  • Their talents and weaknesses have been tested.
  • They know what their strongest points are.

Children around the age of ten are still full of fresh personal content, free from socially-ingrained messages, and ready to vigorously defend where they come from. 

There is a small dragon hidden in any 10-year old girl.

If you’ve run a debate with a girl around this age, you’d be scared by their rhetoric. They’re invincible.

Since they have a pretty good idea of what they are all about, young women are at an advantageous age for picking up their future profession or purpose.

They know what they are good at, what they enjoy, and how they can create a meaningful life for them out of this intuitive knowledge.

The Difficult Conversation about a Future Career Path

This is one of the difficult conversations moms need to have with their daughters.

The conversation about her future profession, work, purpose, or life-work, as many love to call it needs to take place before puberty.

Before puberty, sexuality, and complex emotions start hitting hard, girls’ choices are more authentic. 

Take that auspicious moment to explore your career choices as a woman. It is not so difficult to choose a career as a teenager if you keep in touch with your inner wisdom and tap into your intuition.

(An edited and updated excerpt from Difficult Conversations a Mom Should Have with Her Teenage Daughter: How To Talk About Love, Anger, Ego, Beauty, and Sex)

Featured Image Credit: Xandra_Iryna from Pixabay

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